Sugarmade, Inc.

We are focused on providing the best delivery experience for your cannabis needs. Our team of veteran operators understand the nuisances often associated with this new industry from horrible customer experience stories to unreliable product quality. By ordering with us, you can rest assured that your cannabis products will arrive on-time with the same quality consistency!

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Premium Selection
Our team of highly passionate cannabis connoisseurs ensure that each product on our menu is selected based on careful due diligence.
Fully Compliant
All of our products are fully compliant and have their certificates of analysis describing their potency.
Customer Service
Our customer service agents are here to assist you in any issues that you might encounter during your experience with us.
CBD Available
Please inquire with any of our agents to request more information about the different varieties of CBD products we carry as well.
Loyatly Rewards
Please inquire with our agents about our Loyalty Rewards Program, we appreciate our returning customers greatly!
Speedy Delivery
We take pride in making sure that your order is processed in a swiftly and efficient.


Enjoy California Premium Cannabis Products Delivered.
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